Sunday Update!!

What a week this has been. I have had some trouble getting used to the self-isolation but I did it. 

With COVID-19 being all over the news, the anxiety has been high. But I found The Product Boss Podcasts on Spotify and my mindset is changing and I seem to be getting back in the groove. What really helped was listening to Jacqueline on Instagram live that I realized life is self-isolation is not going to be all bad with her around my social media. Links at the bottom of this post.

The anxiety was preventing me from getting work done and I just could not stop reading everything I could to just keep my mind occupied, but it was not the right thing to be doing.

The right thing to be doing is knitting for my customers. Knitting to get some inventory ahead so I have a huge stock for my events when this self-isolation is over.

 If self-isolation does not end soon enough I will be able to have a stock of blankets ready for winter 2020-2021 and no one will be cold.

Well, I am going back to my needles to work on a blanket.

Stay Safe, stay healthy, and listen to your local health authorities.

And wash your hands!!

Here are useful links of The Product Boss,


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Wishing you a bright and beautiful week.

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